Lemon Myrtle Tea


Lemon Myrtle tea — a wonderful and refreshing taste.

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Lemon Myrtle tea — a wonderful and refreshing taste.

Can be mixed with other teas, or when cooled down try mixing with lemonade or soda water for a truly cool and refreshing drink.

Allow 24-48hrs extra when ordering the tea as we pick our leaves fresh.

Now available in boxes of LOOSE CUT LEAF leaf  40g to make infusion clean and easy,pour boiling water with a little of your cut leaf to your infuser or tea pot will make up to 3 CUPS OF TEA.

Ensure water is really boiling to release oil from leaf,  when tea is a light golden lemon colour and reuse leaf up to 3 times until oil in leaf has finished.

Can be added to pasta or rice when during cooking. it  will infuse delicious lemon myrtle flavour, or simply  sprinkle some quality leaf onto a fillet of chicken/pork/or fish, to grill bake or BBQ.

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